【Notice】NicoPal Termination / "Favorite" feature option name change

1. NicoPal Termination and Transition


Service for Nicopal, a feature that allows you share various content with friends,

will end October 31, 2016. 

The status of users currently using Nicopals will transition from "Nicopals"  to 

"Favorited users" from October 11th.

2. Name change for "Favorite" feature option


The name of the current feature option "Favorited users" will change to "Follow" 

from October 31st. 

Both premium and free members will be able to follow up to 600 users.

*This name change will remain intact even after the service for Nicopals ends

(October 31st).


 Please read below for details concerning updated content and features which

will change from October 31st. 


■Updated Content
Change in status for Nicopal users from "NicoPals" to  "Favorited users"
Termination of settings for making Nicopal info public 
Change in name for feature option "Favorite" to "Follow"
Increase in the number of users that can be followed (600 max) by

free/ premium users
Change in status for Niconico app users using  Nicopals from "NicoPals" to

"Followed users"
Change in Design for "My Page" and "User Page."


■ Nicopal Termination Flow
October 11, 2016 (Tues)
Functions for NicoPal requests and deletions will terminate, leaving only browsing

functions enabled; In addition, unapproved NicoPal requests will be deleted.

The status of NicoPal users will change to  "Favorited Users."

Be sure to make all Nicopal requests and confirmations before the Oct 11th date.


*Please note that you may not be able to add newly favorited users if the entry limit

 for favorited users is exceeded (by added Nicopals) during the transition period. 


October 31, 2016 (Mon)
Service for Nicopal lists will end on the 31st.
Profiles set under the NicoPal option "Make only NicoPals public" along with Nico 

Report settings will all become hidden.

The name of the feature option "Favorited users" will change to "Follow."

Users will be able to follow up to 600 other users.


■Name change for "Favorite" feature option

The name for the feature option "Favorite" will change to "Follow." from October 31st. 

Please note that functions for this feature option will remain the same.


■Updated Content for October 31st  
The display for "User Page" will change. 
As a result, the following menu options will become hidden (regardless of

your privacy settings):

Joined Communities
Joined Channels


Thank you very much,