Transfer your account(CUSTOMCAST-EN-2)

■How to transfer accounts
Whenever you change devices or reinstall the app, your account can be transferred using the following method:

1. Tap “Config” → “My Page” on the main screen
2. Note down the “Transfer Code” and “Password” displayed on the My Page screen
Please ensure that you complete this step before deleting your data and uninstalling the app.
You will not be able to transfer accounts if you lose your Transfer Code and Password.
In addition, as the “Password” will be automatically changed when you perform an account transfer, please check the new password and note it down once your account transfer is completed.
3. Tap “Transfer” from the title screen
Open the app on your new device or the device the app was reinstalled on, and tap the “Transfer” button on the title screen.
4. Enter the required information
Enter the “Transfer Code” and “Password” recorded in Step 1 to complete the account authentication process.
5. Complete
If the information you entered is correct, your account has been successfully transferred.

*Regarding app data after account transfer
Once your account has been transferred, you will not be able to log in to your account on your previous device, and will only be able to open the app in “Guest Mode”.
In Guest Mode, services such as “Shop”, “Item Download” and “Boxes” will be restricted.

■Data that will be transferred
The following information will be transferred during account transfers when changing devices or reinstalling the app:

・Item history
Your history of items obtained from shops and giveaways will be transferred, and those items will continue to be usable.
However, you will be required to download the item data again.
・CC balance
The amount of “Free” and “Paid” Cast Coins in your account will be transferred. Your balance will not increase or decrease due to the transfer.
Items obtained from boxes will be transferred as part of your item history, as listed above, and will be available for download again.

■Data that will not be transferred
The following information will not be transferred even if the account is successfully transferred:

・Presets and character data
Presets and character data are stored on the device.
As such, if you change devices, the data will remain on the original device, and you will not be able to transfer the data as it will be deleted when you uninstall the app.
・App settings
Similarly, config settings are saved on the device, and will not be transferred.