Basic controls(CUSTOMCAST-EN-1)

Custom Cast is an app that allows you to create 3D model characters using your smartphone and stream it with streaming apps. Basic features can be used free of charge.
Please refer to the Help Custom Cast Help icon in the app for instructions on how to operate (detailed instructions) the Custom Cast app.

iOS or Android device
*Internet connection and streaming apps are required for streaming. The display capture function of the streaming app will be used.

・Operating environment
[Android version]
Android 7.0 or higher
1GB free storage or more

[Models with confirmed compatibility]
Xperia X Compact|Xperia XZ|Xperia XZ1|Xperia XZ2
Galaxy S7 edge|Galaxy S8|Galaxy Feel SC-04J|Galaxy S9+ SC-03K
Pixel 3|Pixel 4

[iOS version]
iOS 11 or higher
1GB free storage or more

[Models with confirmed compatibility]
iPhone 7 series|iPhone 8 series
iPhone X|iPhone XR|iPhone Xs|iPhone Xs MAX
iPad Pro 1st|iPad Pro 2nd|iPad Pro 3rd

*High-accuracy face tracking feature is only available for the iPhone X series.

Q_logo_30 How do I make a 3D model?
A_logo_30 3D models can be created by customizing preset 3D models.
Select “”Customize”” from the top screen and choose from a variety of body types, body parts, clothes and accessories.
You can also customize finer details such as color and size.

Q_logo_30 How do I stream?
A_logo_30 Stream by using a streaming app to capture your display.
You can also control the 3D model as your own avatar.
Select “”Stream”” from the top screen of the app, set your 3D model, background, lip sync and Flick, and proceed to “”Streaming Mode””.

Q_logo_30 What is Streaming Mode?
A_logo_30 In this mode, your 3D model will move accordingly whenever your face or voice is detected by the microphone or camera. You can also make various expressions and poses by Flicking.

Q_logo_30 Are there any differences in functions depending on the device model?
A_logo_30 Detection of opening and closing of eyes, as well as AR function during Streaming Mode are only available for iPhone X or later models.
iPhone 8, 7 and Android devices can only detect your facial position.

Q_logo_30 How do I complete missions?
A_logo_30 Missions are automatically accepted when you are online.
Whenever you complete a mission, a [Receive reward] button will be displayed.
Press the [Receive reward] button to receive your reward.