To users using Niconico videos display in English/Chinese

Thank you for using Niconico.

The English and Chinese display of Niconico videos (including the upload page) will end at the end of June 2023. After that, if you need to understand the Japanese meaning on the page when using the service, please use the translation function of the browser.
*The comments in English and Chinese and the translation functions of video titles, video descriptions will continue to be retained and can still be used.

The reason for ending the English and Chinese display as below:
The text displayed in the Niconico video has been sorted out and translated in advance, and then the appropriate translation will be displayed according to the language specified by the users. But the system is outdated and difficult to maintain. We had to reduce some functionalities to maintain and improve the Niconico service. Based on the latest browsers with in-page translation functions, we decided to keep the parts that cannot be translated correctly by automatic translation (such as video titles, descriptions, etc.) and the dedicated comment fields for each language, ending the English and Chinese display of the user interface.

Future plans:
We will continue to provide users’ support even if the English/Chinese display of the user interface is ended. If you encounter problems in use, you can write to ask for help. We will also add an English FAQ about the basic functions of Niconico to assist overseas users.

■ Retained functions:
・Comments in Chinese and English:
For those who choose English or Chinese users, it is available to use the comment column and danmaku with their dedicated languages.
If you want to read comments in other languages, you can still use the language switch button at the bottom of the page.
・Translation function of Video title and Video description:
For those who choose English or Chinese users, it is available to freely translate for video title and description.

■ The function to be ended:
・Chinese and English display on various pages:
Services that translate the Japanese user interface and various functions into your selected language.

You can also inquire Niconico customer support here.

We appreciate your continued support of Niconico in the future.