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2/6 - Vocaloid Survey Closed

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to thank everyone for participating in the Vocaloid survey on our FB fan page!

We'll have a look at the answers and use it help bring you more content in the future!

Also, a special big thank you goes out to Haruma (春馬) for letting us use that big and beautiful Vocaloid artwork! Thanks again, Haruma! :)

We hope everyone continues to enjoy the site (especially Vocaloid content)!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Lily! - August 25th

Greetings and salutations, fellow Nico'ers!

It was three years ago on August 25, 2010 that Yuri Masuda (vocalist of the Japanese music group m.o.v.e) and YAMAHA created the golden-haired Vocaloid vixen we know as Lily today.

Lily.PNG Lily is a fan-favorite that, at release in 2010, one-upped Tonio and VY1. It's easy to see why--her voice beams with shades of personality thanks to her voice talent: Yuri Masuda.  

lilypic1.PNGIt's also worthy of mention that Lily is the first Vocaloid to appear in a commercial music video and the second Vocaloid to have her own Twitter account.

Well, that's enough background on Lily. I'm sure you, my esteemed reader, is no doubt in-the-know regarding Vocaloid trivia and info (and could definitely give me a run for my money.).

OK, so without further ado... *BIG BREATH*

Happy Birthday, Lily!!!

And here's to many more years of great vocals and fervent fans to depict you in the way we love!

Be sure to show support for Lily and comment on any videos you see! She'll thank you for it! ;)

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Greetings music lovers!

This weekend get ready for a Nico-tastic music festival triple-header! Presenting Voca Nico Night 4, Music Master 2 and Dance Master: The Finale!

See details for each event by clicking the watch page links below!

Voca Nico Night 4 
(Friday, August 16th @ 4pm)*

Music Master 2 
(Saturday, August 17th @ 3:30pm)*


Dance Master: The Finale 
(Sunday, August 18th @ 3pm)*


*Times indicated are in JST

As always, be sure to timeshift before it starts!
You can check your timeshifted programs at your Nico Live My Page!

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The entries have been made. They've been uploaded. The lists are ready.

Now it's up to YOU to vote for your favorite MMD's!

Voting is based on the number of My Lists, so if you see a video you like, add it to one of your My Lists to boost its ranking! Voting started on February 15th and will be open until March 4th 9:00 PM Japan time.

And in case you were wondering, you can vote for as many videos as you want!

First half of the 10th MMD Cup Finals

Second half of the 10th MMD Cup Finals

Watch the 9th MMD Cup Winner!

Watch the 8th MMD Cup Winner!

Happy 10th MMD CUP!