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Vocaloidparty.PNGGreetings Vocaloid and Niconico Chokaigi 3 fans!

If you like Vocaloid and plan on attending the Chokaigi 3 or streaming it live from your PC, then be sure to check out the Super Vocanico Party!

Also, you'll get a chance to hear your favorite Vocaloid tunes because from March 4th to March 30th we're accepting suggestions for which songs are played at the event!

The song entry form (URL below) is pretty straightforward and anyone with an elementary level of Japanese should be able to manage, but just in case here's a quick translation of the required items on the form:

Song Entry Form

・Niconico Name (Required)
・Sex (top is male, bottom is female) (Required)
Vocaloid Song Video ID (Required)
Reason for Suggesting Song (Optional)

Once you have filled out the info above, then click the large blue button at the bottom of the form and you're finished!

Which Vocaloid song are you hoping gets played at the event?

Let us know on


2/6 - Vocaloid Survey Closed

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to thank everyone for participating in the Vocaloid survey on our FB fan page!

We'll have a look at the answers and use it help bring you more content in the future!

Also, a special big thank you goes out to Haruma (春馬) for letting us use that big and beautiful Vocaloid artwork! Thanks again, Haruma! :)

We hope everyone continues to enjoy the site (especially Vocaloid content)!


Hatsune Miku Day is Here!

Well, it's time again to bask and revel in everything Hatsune Miku because today is ミクの日 or "Hatsune Miku Day" here in the land of the rising sun. So if you will, my esteemed Nico'ers, how's about taking a look at the many faces of Hatsune Miku?

Miku's a popular lady so this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as how she has been portrayed, but enjoy!

Serious Miku.PNG
Serious Miku!

Anime Miku!


Have a great Miku Day!