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Greetings fellow Niconico fans!
The specification of "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will change on December 2014.

Currently, both "Account Link with Twitter/Facebook" and "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will be set if you set Nico Report Link. After the speculation change, you can chooose to set each one of them separately.

For this reason, "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will be unlinked after the speculation change. So please set the link again if it's needed. We'll let you know the detail of the date here as soon as it's decided.

Target users:
Those who use "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook"
*It doesn't affect on those who use "Account Link with Twitter/Facebook" only.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for using Niconico Douga

The PC browser version of Economy Mode hours will be extended starting July 22 due to a large influx of summer holiday user traffic. During this period, Economy Mode weekday and holiday hours will be from 12:00pm to 2:00am PST.

* What's Economy Mode?
Economy Mode is a low video quality playback mode applicable to free members of Niconico Douga that activates when servers are congested.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, but truly appreciate your understanding in this matter.


6/20 - Hijacked Account Suspension

Thank you for using Niconico

Although we had reported a leak of user information and advised Niconico users to change their passwords in a separate blog post the other day, it has come to our attention that some accounts were hijacked by third parties despite this warning.

Hijacked accounts have been temporarily suspended and cannot be logged into until a new password is created. Our sincerest apologies for this huge inconvenience, but we ask for affected users' cooperation in this matter.

Password Reset

Note that users that previously changed their password should not be affected by this.

Thank you for using Niconico

We have confirmed multiple instances of unauthorized Niconico account access. According to reports, this is not due to a leak of user information such as email addresses and passwords from Niconico, but likely due to account information leaked from other services.

Things that may occur due to unauthorized access by a third party
・Use of Nico Points (Not supported on NA site, but if purchased on Japanese domestic site.)
・Change of Niconico account email address and/or password
・Posts such as videos and comments
・Access to personal information (gender, birthday, etc.)

To ensure your Niconico account is secure, it is strongly recommended that you change your Niconico account password to something different than what is being used for other services.

Password reset
* Login required.

Please inquire to the English customer service should you notice any suspicious activity on your account.