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Greetings "Tales of" series fans!

To celebrate the "Tales of" series 20th anniversary, Nico Live and Bandai Namco are teaming up to bring you a live 48-hour let's play of Tales of Symphonia!

Challengers will attempt to beat the game within the 48-hour time limit, and who knows? Even some creators of the game could get involved!

-Broadcast Details-

-Friday, July 11 from 8:00pm JST-
Tales of Symphonia 48-Hour Live Let's Play

As always, don't forget to timeshift!

We hope you enjoy this live stream!


Greetings Dragon's Crown fans!

As a token of our appreciation for making Dragon's Crown a hit, voice actors

and special guests are going to take on the newest content released in the 5th
major update; including the new randomly generated dungeon--the Tower of Mirages!

The Tower of Mirages can be accessed by playing in Ultimate difficulty, which becomes available after clearing the ninth Labyrinth of Chaos level. Will this new difficulty and dungeon peril prove to be overwhelming for our Let's Players? Watch to find out!

Check out the watch page below for all the details!

(Wednesday, January 15 at 8:00pm)*

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