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Vocaloidparty.PNGGreetings Vocaloid and Niconico Chokaigi 3 fans!

If you like Vocaloid and plan on attending the Chokaigi 3 or streaming it live from your PC, then be sure to check out the Super Vocanico Party!

Also, you'll get a chance to hear your favorite Vocaloid tunes because from March 4th to March 30th we're accepting suggestions for which songs are played at the event!

The song entry form (URL below) is pretty straightforward and anyone with an elementary level of Japanese should be able to manage, but just in case here's a quick translation of the required items on the form:

Song Entry Form

・Niconico Name (Required)
・Sex (top is male, bottom is female) (Required)
Vocaloid Song Video ID (Required)
Reason for Suggesting Song (Optional)

Once you have filled out the info above, then click the large blue button at the bottom of the form and you're finished!

Which Vocaloid song are you hoping gets played at the event?

Let us know on


2/14 - Cho Party 3 Special

Fellow Niconico enthusiasts,

Eager to see some of the 250 performers scheduled to appear at the Niconico Cho Party 3 on April 26th and 27th!?


Then you're in luck because this Saturday, February 15th we are streaming from the performers' share house for a full 24 hours!

Also catch highlight footage of Niconico Cho Party 1 and 2 as well as new trailers and announcements for Cho Party 3!

Check out the broadcast watch page for details!

(Saturday, February 14th at 9:00pm JST)

Don't forget to timeshift it!


This year a tank thundered into the JASDF booth and shook things up -- the story unfolds below!

"Attention!!!" - Cosplayers form rank before the stalwart iron horse.


But what's this!? The N.E.E.T. forces claim the territory as their own by raising their Girls and Panzer homebase flag.


Egads! They commandeered a bike!


...Plus an HMV!


Even the US Army Japan troops were caught up in the crossfire!


Don't fret, for the N.E.E.T. forces were overthrown with ease!


...And then all was good in the world (Choukaigi?) again.


The End

That's all for this update! Now go forth and Nico!

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Source: ITmedia

Greetings and welcome back esteemed Nico-ers!

Did everyone have a blast with Chokaigi 2?

Although we all know and love real time commenting on Niconico, what about comments at events?

Well, we have an answer for that, too!

The theme of the Chokaigi is "つくるのは、あなたです", literally "Made by you." As the heart of our community is maintained by Nico-users via comments, concurrently several booths were gracious enough to set up free commenting areas there.

Feast your eyes on some of the pics your English admin was fortunate enough to sneak while working at this awesome event:

Ever see such a marked up head? This totally reminds me of signing yearbooks!


Even the Eva 01 got comments!


The Nico News booth set up a huge section completely dedicated to free commenting!
These two are filling in the prime space right in the middle of the Cho!


Further down the side, we find some adorable drawings!


How many characters in this shot can you recognize?


Stay tuned for more Chokaigi posts!

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The Cho Party 2 is HERE!

As you're well aware, April 27 through the 28th marks our second annual Chokaigi! In addition to the Chokaigi, we'll also be hosting a special Cho Party both evenings.

To commemorate the upcoming Cho Party and Chokaigi, we're happy to bring you a special treat: A chance to watch Last Year's Cho Party!

And on for this year's Cho Party! We've prepared an English page!

Click the picture below and then English for more details!

And for this year's Cho Party Watch Pages!!

If you are unable to watch these broadcasts during their scheduled air time, click the timeshift button:


and you will be able to watch the Nico Live broadcast for up to 1 week after the broadcast has finished!

Niconico Accounts

You will need to create an account before you can watch Nico Live. Creating an account is free and will only take a few seconds, so head over to the account registration page now! Or if you would like, you can also sign up for Premium Membership. Advantages include faster speeds, being able to create communities, extra commenting colors on the Nico Live client, Priority Seating on Nico Live and more!

That's all! We hope you enjoy this year's Chokaigi and Cho Party!

Chokaigi 2 Trailers!

Introducing the Chokaigi 2 Food Menu!

Are you hankerin' for some wacktastic Nico-eats?

Well, you better be because we've got a smorgasbord of original concoctions fresh out of the Nico kitchen!
Check out these Nico-delicacies going on sale during our Chokaigi 2 from April 27 to 28th!

▶Homo-Omelet (filled with rice)
800 yen
▶ Rice Set *comes with a sticker
700 yen
▶Gachimuchi☆Kongari Corn
700 yen
▶Painful Fried Noodles
700 yen
▶ 7-Color Niconico Shaved Ice
500 yen
▶ Niconico Original Cho Potion
~Crimson Tear of a Fallen Angel~
500 yen
▶ Bad Apple!
500 yen
▶ 3 Shobon Cookies
500 yen


Getting hungry yet? Just in case you need a little more...

See you at the Cho Food Court!