[In Progress] March 08, 2018 (Thurs): All Niconico Services down for maintenance

Dear Niconico Users,

Thank you for using Niconico services.

Services for the entire Niconico website will be down for maintenance during the following date (see below). 

During the maintenance period, you will be unable to upload, watch videos, stream, watch live broadcasts, or purchase/view books. All services (on all devices) for Niconico will be inaccessible. 
■Maintenance Schedule 

・Maintenance for entire Niconico website

 3/8/2018 (Thurs) 6:00 am ~ 8:00 am (JST)

Maintenance times for the following services vary. 

・Niconico Ads for Nico Live 

 3/8/2018(Thurs) 5:30 am ~ 8:00 am (JST)

・Video Uploads 

 3/8/2018(Thurs) 5:45 am ~ 8:00 am (JST)

・Nico Live

 3/8/2018 (Thurs) 6:00 am ~ 8:30 am (JST)

・iOS Niconico app

 3/8/2018 (Thurs) 5:45 am  ~ 8:30 am (JST)

*Services will be restored once maintenance is complete.
*Maintenance completion times for individual services may vary.
■Affected Services
・All Niconico Services 
・You will be unable to access your Niconico account (includes external portable services and authentication)
・You will be unable to join or deactivate Niconico premium and or Niconico channels
・You will be unable to purchase Niconico points or paid contents (ex: videos, live broadcasts, etc.)
・You will be unable to receive email notices fro Niconico services.
・You will be unable to contact customer support (Help FAQ will remain accessible)
・You will be unable to receive refunds for Niconico points during maintenance.

Please accept our apologies for this great inconvenience.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Thank you very much,