[Notice] Niconico Terms of Use Amendment

Dear Niconico Users,

Thank you for using Niconico.

Niconico Terms of Use has been amended as detailed below.

【Reason for Amendement】
Up until present, Niconico has not required users to be notified when content (concerning clauses related to Niconico Terms of Use amendments, service content updates and termination) has been updated.

We believe that it would be advantageous for users to be notified when updates occur. And so we have amended the content of Niconico Terms of Use to include user notification.

【Amended Text】
Please refer to the following comparison chart for further details. 

Niconico Terms of Use Comparison Chart (before and after revision) PDF

*Click here to view Niconico Terms of Use:

*Please note that updated text may take time to reflect for select services and devices.

Thank you,