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Nico Report Design Update

Dear Niconico Users,

Thank you for using Niconico.

The design for Nico Report will be updated in select areas during the following period: 

 May 17, 2017 (Wed)  ~ May 24, 2017 (Wed) 

■ 5/17 (Wed) 

The following features will be terminated. 

  •  Nico Report Comments 

Nico Report Comments will be terminated; comments posted prior to termination will no longer be shown.

Nico Report page for checking comments will also be terminated.

  • Nico Report List(s)

Nico Report lists will no longer be available, ending the use of created Nico Report lists .

  • Nico Report for Public My List page

■ May 17 (Wed) ~ May 24 (Wed) 

The following design update will be applied to select users on the 17th; after the 24th, this update will be applied to all users.

During the update period  (5/17 ~ 5/24), changes (such as the deletion of activities) on Nico Report may not show up until the update period ends.

  • Extension for Nico Report Display
    • My Page Nico Reports will be shown for up to one month max (compared to the standard period of one week) 
    • *Note:Period may be shorten based on the number of follows.

  • Separation of "Channels and Communities" for My Page Nico Report 
    • My Page Nico Report option "Channels & Communities" will be separated into two distinct options, "Channel" and "Community"

  • Update for Nico Report Privacy Settings
    • Setting your activities on Nico Report to private in Privacy Settings will also hide them in your My Page Nico Report.
  • Update for select activity content
    • Until recent, multiple activities have shown similar content. This has been updated to reflect only one specific activity. (ex:" Start user broadcast / Start community broadcast )

Summarized activities 

    1. Start Community broadcast / Timeshift Community broadcast/  Mylist

Setting the above activities to hide in Nico Report Privacy Settings disables them from being shown to your followers. Please be sure to check your Nico Report Privacy Settings  when streaming broadcasts.



    • The option " When your upload video is ranked in " (previously shown  privately) will be shown to other users. 

*Please turn off this activity option from your privacy settings if you do not wish for other users to be notified.

    • The option "when you achieve a stamp"  ( once shown to other users) will only be shown to you.
    • Only community followers will be notified " when you upload community videos." 

*Said community must be followed in order to watch videos.

    • The design for activities (for mylisting community videos) will change based on your video watch settings.

*Watch settings will not appear in Nico Report if permission for viewership is only given to members.

*Watch settings will appear in Nico Report if permission for viewership is  given to all members.

    • My List titles will appear for the option "When you mylist videos;" however, My List comments will be hidden.
    • The options "When you start a live broadcast or timeshift them" will appear in the "Community" menu option for Nico Report (My Page).
    •  Content mylisted multiple times will only appear once in Nico Report as a recent entry. 
  • Deleting select activities
    • Advertising (after changing the name of the advertiser) will not show the message "advertised video" in Nico Report. (standard message "advertised" will still appear)
  • Other Design Changes
    • Video Titles will no longer be translatable 

Thank you,