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Thank you for using Niconico. Nico Live will undergo maintenance during the following date and time : Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016 Time: 6:00 am to 8:30 am (JST) Please accept our apologies for this great inconvenience. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you very much. Niconico

1. NicoPal Termination and Transition


Service for Nicopal, a feature that allows you share various content with friends,

will end October 31, 2016. 

The status of users currently using Nicopals will transition from "Nicopals"  to 

"Favorited users" from October 11th.

2. Name change for "Favorite" feature option


The name of the current feature option "Favorited users" will change to "Follow" 

from October 31st. 

Both premium and free members will be able to follow up to 600 users.

*This name change will remain intact even after the service for Nicopals ends

(October 31st).


 Please read below for details concerning updated content and features which

will change from October 31st. 


■Updated Content
Change in status for Nicopal users from "NicoPals" to  "Favorited users"
Termination of settings for making Nicopal info public 
Change in name for feature option "Favorite" to "Follow"
Increase in the number of users that can be followed (600 max) by

free/ premium users
Change in status for Niconico app users using  Nicopals from "NicoPals" to

"Followed users"
Change in Design for "My Page" and "User Page."


■ Nicopal Termination Flow
October 11, 2016 (Tues)
Functions for NicoPal requests and deletions will terminate, leaving only browsing

functions enabled; In addition, unapproved NicoPal requests will be deleted.

The status of NicoPal users will change to  "Favorited Users."

Be sure to make all Nicopal requests and confirmations before the Oct 11th date.


*Please note that you may not be able to add newly favorited users if the entry limit

 for favorited users is exceeded (by added Nicopals) during the transition period. 


October 31, 2016 (Mon)
Service for Nicopal lists will end on the 31st.
Profiles set under the NicoPal option "Make only NicoPals public" along with Nico 

Report settings will all become hidden.

The name of the feature option "Favorited users" will change to "Follow."

Users will be able to follow up to 600 other users.


■Name change for "Favorite" feature option

The name for the feature option "Favorite" will change to "Follow." from October 31st. 

Please note that functions for this feature option will remain the same.


■Updated Content for October 31st  
The display for "User Page" will change. 
As a result, the following menu options will become hidden (regardless of

your privacy settings):

Joined Communities
Joined Channels


Thank you very much,




Hello Niconico Users,

Thank you for using Niconico. 

Based on user feedback concerning the HTML5 video watch 

page, (formerly launched July 13, 2017) we have began implementing additional features and upgrades. (see below)



Date implemented 


Upgraded to allow video thumbnail to show on player before video playback begins

*Some videos will show only the beginning of the video (as was the case prior to upgrade)

Fixed IssueAutoplay may not work for videos where advertisements are shown on Safari 4/9/2018
Fixed issueUploader No-No permission settings do not reflect3/14/2018

Updated No-No level default settings from "High" to "Medium."

Change No-No level from player settings


Upgraded to allow for video viewing without having to login or register as a member

*Login is required for commenting and use of select features.

*Login is required for paid and community only videos.


Updated No-No level default settings to "High"

Change No-No level from player settings


Updated screen size default settings to "auto"

Change screen size from player settings

Added feature

Added playback speed feature to configure video speed

・Use short cut keys "shift+<" to slow down playback speed; "shift+>" to accelerate playback speed

*Only premium members can access speeds of "x2.0" and "x1.5".


Upgraded to allow you to save your playback speed settings

・Playback speed will remain the same during auto-play or when switching videos

Fixed issueClicking " Skip back 10 seconds" from the Niconico Ads screen may return video to the beginning1/24/2018
UpgradeUpgraded to allow you to choose where video playback begins with player embedded codes1/10/2018
UpgradeUpgraded to allow you to picture tweet while Niconico Ads are shown on screen1/10/2018

Upgraded to allow you to directly jump to the my memory editing screen after saving my memory entries


Upgraded to disable resume playback so that videos can play from the beginning during autoplay

UpgradeUpgraded Uploader Comment Edit Mode to allow you to start a new line directly from the comment list12/20/2017
Added featureUpdated Nico ads, the ads post page, and the design for the sponsor screen12/12/2017
Fixed issueVideo audio plays in low-quality when video quality is below 700 kbps after playback begins12/11/2017
Fixed issuePlayer screen does not display properly when using video seek feature12/07/2017
Fixed issueComment number does not reflect on log for past selected dates11/21/2017
UpgradeUpgraded to allow support for embedded video codes on https websites11/07/2017
Fixed IssueFixed character restriction for comments entered on Uploader Comment Editing page11/1/2017
UpgradeUpgraded to show yellow frame around comments posted via Uploader Comment Editing page8/31/2017
Fixed issueLayout for player falls apart when using full screen8/31/2017

Upgraded light performance settings inside Settings

*Please use "light" settings if you experience playback lag due to comment volume.

Added feature

Added "Edit uploader comments" page to HTML 5 version

・ Go to Uploader Menu> Edit> Edit uploader comments to access

・The "Edit uploader comments" page is also available for a select period for Flash version

UpgradeUpgraded adjustment feature for volume as with Flash version8/3/2017
Fixed issue

Comments show incorrectly.

・ Comment numbers fail to update for select videos.


Send tweets without linking twitter with app

*Twitter link required for tweets with pictures

Fixed issueSorting order for comment panel does not save7/06/2017
UpgradeUpgraded thumbnail designs shown on seek bar6/29/2017
Fixed issueSorting order ( Most Popular) does not show up in playlist when auto playing from search page6/29/2017
Fixed issuePlaylist content will not retain when reloading page6/22/2017
Fixed issueEntire watch page scrolls when scrolling inside the control panel6/8/2017
Fixed issueScroll bar overlaps comments that appear at the bottom of the control panel.6/8/2017
Added feature

Added "Videos being advertised on Niconico Ads" option on screen

・ Tags (meeting special tag conditions for videos being watched) are selected; then

  4 advertised videos (max) from those selected tags are shown on screen.

Fixed issueComment input form does not appear when in full screen mode on Internet Explorer 115/25/2017
Added feature

Added Comment Transparency feature inside Settings

・  Choose the amount of transparency for scrolling comments by selecting either "low" or "high."


UpgradeUpgraded Settings screen with minor design improvements5/18/2017
Added feature

Added feature to always show controller when in full screen

・  Add a check to "Always show controller" from the bottom right of the video player during full screen mode.

* Comment input forum display on Internet Explorer 11 will be provided at a later date

Added feature

Added suggest feature when when entering keywords or tags

・  Available when using Search Forum (at right top of the page) or when editing tags

Added featureAdded No-No feature to No-No comment settings that allow you to input comments, user IDs, and commands4/20/2017
Fixed issueUnable to open or close settings sceen during video ads4/20/2017
Fixed issue

Video returns to the beginning when skipping to the end of a video

Added feature

Added "Edit Category" feature to "Edit Tag" screen

*Only the video uploader can made edits.

Added feature

Added "Share" feature to comment panel

・  Feature allows you to copy codes for embedding video players, video URLs and more

Added featureAdded related videos and SNS share button to player screen after video playback3/09/2017
Added feature

Added Uploader menu to the top of the video uploader page

* Editing features for uploader and user comments on the HTML 5 version will be provided at a later date


Upgraded comment sorting order on comment panel

・  Changed default setting for sorting order to playback time order
・ User changed sorting order settings are now saved

UpgradeDesign upgrade for playback button on video player3/09/2017
Added feature

Added shortcut key for Playback Speed (β) feature

・ "shift+<" to slow down playback speed; "shift+>" to accelerate playback speed

・ See here for details on other shortcut keys

Fixed issueUnable to move from Channel/ Community videos to video rankings page2/23/2017
UpgradePlaylist repeats when "Autoplay" is ON2/23/2017

Minor design upgrade for Settings screen

・ Expansion of "Quality" selection feature

Upgrade"Report Comment/ Tag" option added to the bottom of the video page2/23/2017
Added feature

Added screen size and size descriptions

・  Auto: automatically adjusts size to match browser resolution
・ Large: the equivalent of "Large " from the Flash version page
・ Med: new title to denote "standard size"


Video length shown on Playlist thumbnails

Added featureAdded "copy this comment" to right click menu for video on-screen and comment list comments1/26/2017

Upgraded "Repeat" icon design

Added feature

Added video on-screen "No-No comment" settings

Lets go.png
Added feature

Added feature that shows where you ended a video previously (even when "Resume" feature is off).

Added feature

Added "Playback Speed(β)feature" inside of "Settings"

・ Use settings to increase speed by 0.5 or 1.2.
・Reload page to return playback speed to 1.0
・Faster speeds will be available at a later date

Added featureAdded On/Off setting for "Resume" inside "Settings"1/12/2017
Fixed IssueVideo playback may stop during autoplay for playlists1/12/2017
UpgradeDesign upgrade for "Settings" screen1/12/2017
UpgradeDesign upgraded for comment entry box when using full screen1/12/2017
Fixed issueComments may fail to post12/21/2016
Added feature

Added feature that shows thumbnail when mouse cursor is placed over seek bar

*This feature is only available for premium users.

Fixed issuePlaylist thumbnails may fail to show12/20/2016
Fixed issueAspect ratio fails to show for images captured with feature for photo attached tweets12/20/2016
UpgradeMinor design adjustment for tag lock icon12/20/2016
UpgradeDesign upgrade from "Open video description" option12/20/2016
Added featureAdded "shuffle feature" to Playlist12/15/2016
Added feature

Added function where clicking the "#mm:ss" link from video description

moves video to the specified time on the seek bar

Fixed issueVideo loading shows no progression on the seek bar when video is stopped12/15/2016
Fixed issueSorting order does not show when Mylist is set to autoplay12/15/2016
Fixed issueOriginal videos cannot be accessed from community videos ( via Menu > watch original video)12/15/2016
Added feature

Added "Resume (continue) feature"

-Available only for premium members

-Resume feature (or playback memory) is not available for Flash video watch page

-Feature can only be used for videos within user Watch History

Added feature

Added feature where double clicking on a comment in the comment list skips to you

to the time frame were the comment in posted.

UpgradeAdded link to Shortcut Key List inside player right click menu12/8/2016
UpgradeFull screen is exited automatically once video finishes playing12/8/2016

Added feature

-Added comment No-No settings

-Added option to No-No a comment or their user

(by right clicking on the comment in the comment section)

-Added option on the No-No panel to enable/ disable No-No settings

-Added option on the No-No panel to undo or delete added No-No comments and users

**No-no comment settings (via right clicking comments on screen) will be added later

Added featureAdded a link inside video player for pay videos12/1/2016
Upgradea page scroll for when watch page displays12/1/2016
Added feature

Added "Performance" feature within "Settings"

*Use "Light" options for slowdowns due to a heavy comment loads

Upgrade Error dialog appears when comment post fails11/24/2016
UpgradeAdded option to disable link with Twitter11/24/2016
UpgradeUpdated to allow changes in quality without page reload11/24/2016
Fixed issueUnder special conditions playback exceeds video length11/18/2016
Fixed issueNico ads appear when repeating videos11/18/2016
Fixed issueAutoplay stops on eleventh video11/17/2016
Fixed issuePlayback returns to the beginning for lengthy videos11/17/2016
UpgradeSet  "Repeat" option on controller 11/17/2016
UpgradeChanged position for link to flash video watch page11/17/2016
UpgradeAdjusted  design for "Screen size: large" and "Settings screen" options11/17/2016
UpgradeAdjusted sensitivity for full screen controller display 11/17/2016

▼[3/09 Update] Frequently asked questions 

【Q6】Can you set whether or not to use the "Resume (continue) feature?"

【A5】Currently, this option is unavailable but will be added soon.

[1/12 Update] Settings enabling this feature were added on 1/12. Use the "Resume" option from inside "Settings,"  located on the right end side of the video player.

【Q5】Can you change the display settings for showing/hiding video ads before playing videos?

【A5】Premium members can edit ad display settings by choosing "Do not show video ads before playback" from " Settings" located to the right of the video player.

【Q4】Can you change the size of the video player?

【A4】You can change the video player's size by going to "Settings" (locacted to the right of the video player) and then to "Screen Size" for adjusments. 

[12/15 Update] Video player size readjustment is currently under review. 

[2/9 Update] Large (equivalent to "large" from the Flash version) has been added as of 2/9

【Q3】Can you apply No-No Settings on the HTML 5 video watch page (β)?  

【A3】 No-No comment settings option (via panel) is now available (as of 12/1).  Video on-screen "No-No comment settings" will be added at a later date. 

[1/19 Update] Video on-screen "No-No comment settings" have been added as of 1/19.

【Q2】Can the uploader menu be accessed from the HTML 5 video watch page (β)?   

【A2】[3/09 Update] Uploader menu has been added to the top of the uploader page.

*Editing features for uploader and user comments on the HTML 5 version will be provided at a later date. (These features are currently unavailable)

【Q1】Is NicoScript accessible on the the HTML 5 video watch page (β)?   

【A1】Nicoscript is currently inaccessible. Part of NicoScript will become available at a later date. 


  Select premium members will be provided access to the new 

HTML5 (β)video watch page (abbreviate as HTML5 page below) 

starting October 27, 2016 (Tues) from 1:00 pm JST.

  The HTML5 page will allow users to enjoy playing videos much 

faster than the conventional Flash video watch page (abbreviated

 as Flash page below). 

  Select features from the Flash page as well as new upcoming

features will be added at a later date. Therefore, the first 

available version for users will be the HTML5 beta page.

  During the beta offered period ,  users will be able to switch 

freely between the HTML5 and Flash pages

▼【User accessibility】

  Select premium members 

(this number will gradually expand to include free members)

▼How to switch to【HTML5(β)Video Watch Page

  The following link display (see image) will appear on the Flash 

page for select users. Once clicked,  the link will redirect users

to the  HTML5 page.


▼ How to switch to【Flash Video Watch Page】
  The following display (see image) will appear at the bottom of 

the HTML5 page.  Once clicked, the link will redirect users  to 

the Flash page .


・Select videos only available with Flash will switch to the 

Flash page automatically. 

・Video player settings set up on the Flash page

will not carry over to the HTML5 page (and vice-versa).

Thank you.,