[Complete] 9/1- 11/24 Maintenance for Select Comment Servers

[Added 10/28/2016 at 5:05 pm JST]

Scheduled maintenance complete.
We thank you for your cooperation and patience. 



Thank you for using Niconico.

Select comment servers for Niconico will undergo maintenance during the following period:

[Date and Time]
From: 11:00 am, September 1, 2016 (Thurs)    Until: 8:00 pm November 24, 2016 (Thurs)
*Completion date for maintenance may change.

[Affected Videos]
Videos uploaded before April 11, 2016
* Excludes new videos uploaded after the above date.

[Affected Areas]
・Affected videos will be serviced in sequential order during maintenance.※1
・Comment features (for posting/ displaying comments) will be down for videos being serviced.
・At most, comment features for videos being serviced will be unavailable for 8 hours. ※2
・All devices capable of viewing Niconico Douga are affected.
※1  Videos will only be serviced once during the maintenance period provided no problems are discovered.
※2  Completion times for maintenance may change.
※Live broadcasts are excluded.

[Functionality of affected videos]
Video watch screen (PC example)
*A message ,boxed in red, will appear when starting an affected video (see below).


[Comment Panel]


[Niconico Comment Viewer]
After maintenance, Niconico comment viewer may continue to show a maintenance.
message.This message will disappear after a set time.

Please accept our apologies for this great inconvenience.
We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you very much.