November 2014 Archives

Server Down Under Examination

Greetings Niconico.

Some of our services are currently down. We are working on the examination.

・Cannot log in
・Cannot see the page
・Cannot create or delete an account
・Cannot upload videos
・Cannot join channels or pay for services
・Cannot buy Niconico Ads or display the history of Nico Ads

Influence area:
Whole services of Niconico

Occurance time:
November 25th, 6:30pm

Our apology for the inconvenience.

Greetings fellow Niconico fans!
The specification of "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will change on December 2014.

Currently, both "Account Link with Twitter/Facebook" and "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will be set if you set Nico Report Link. After the speculation change, you can chooose to set each one of them separately.

For this reason, "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook" will be unlinked after the speculation change. So please set the link again if it's needed. We'll let you know the detail of the date here as soon as it's decided.

Target users:
Those who use "Nico Report Link with Twitter/Facebook"
*It doesn't affect on those who use "Account Link with Twitter/Facebook" only.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

This variety show will connect internet with the real life.
We will broadcast the now of Niconico Headquarter and Niconico Douga.

7PM through every Monday to Friday!

Friday's MC for Nico Radio is..."Hyakka Ryoran"!
Friday's assistant will change weekly! This week's ASST is..."Milkynyu"!
Friday's artist ASST is..."Poaro"!
We'll introduce a Niconico app, "One Night Werewolf," for this special night!
One Night Werewolf

Mr. Glasses, a cute Dwango employee, and Mr. Inomoto, a cute employee of Askin, a game development company, will appear on the studio!
We'll have a blast together!
But we'll definitely distrust anyone forever!
Look hard at the hot psychological warfare!

And also, We'll have "Nico Radio Weekly Vocaloid Ranking," which has been shifted to Friday!
The artist ASST is "Poaro"!
Guess what is going on with the improvise drawing?! You won't regret that!!

☆Here is the official website of One Night Werewolf☆