6/17 - Niconi Solid Usage Guide

Hello fans of Niconico!

The following is a simple guide to help non-Japanese speakers navigate the 3D model menus in the newest service on Niconico--Niconi Solid!

Note that I won't go into comprehensive detail since most of it is self-explanatory. If anything is unclear, please send any inquiries or questions to customer service.

That said, on with the details!

1. Main Menu Navigation

The Main Menu is the first place you will find yourself when viewing a 3D model on Niconi Solid.

Play/Stop Button: Turn 3D model animation ON/OFF

Motion Select: Select whether the model walks, runs, waves or is in T-pose
*Note that motion select is not available for some 3D models.

Camera Auto Rotate: Spins camera around 3D model when enabled

Camera Reset: Resets camera to default position

Control Panel: Turn control panel ON/OFF

Full Screen Toggle: Toggle full screen mode ON/OFF

Help: Show/hide Help screen

Settings: Show/hide settings screen

2. Settings Menu Navigation

The Settings Menu allows you to adjust various settings to your liking.

Graphic Quality: Select from normal or high model rendering quality

Controls: Adjust preferences for mouse speed, mouse wheel speed, scrolling smoothness and auto-rotation speed

3. Help Screen Navigation

The Help Screen provides a legend for various controls for viewing a 3D model.

Viewpoint Controls: Rotate a 3D model by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse, use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out and move in parallel by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse side to side.

Special Controls: Hold the Ctrl key to slow down camera movement and hold the Shift key to speed up camera movement.

That about sums everything up and we hope you enjoy the site!

Please be sure to tell us what you think!