Comment Deletion Guidelines

Comment Deletion Guidelines
Any material relative to the following will be deleted as deemed by the operating company.

Prohibited Matters (From Terms of Use)
The following actions are prohibited to the User upon his/her use of Niconico:
•  Illegal actions and actions that assist, solicit, force and encourage illegal actions
•  Actions that cause excessive burden on the Niconico server
•  Actions that interfere with the operation of Niconico, actions that are determined inappropriate by the operating company
•  Actions that interfere with use of Niconico by other Users
•  Actions that conflict with the Public Officers Election Act
•  Actions that infringe on other people's reputations, social creditability, privacy, right of portrait, publicity right, copyright and other intellectual property rights and all other rights (including all rights stipulated by the law and ordinances, as well as rights acknowledged in precedents)
•  Slanderous, threatening and harassing actions against other Users
•  Use of discriminatory expressions against others on the basis of ethnicity, region, race, gender and age
•  Actions that solicit, induce and encourage suicide, mass suicide, self-laceration and use of illegal/law-evading drugs
•  Actions that invite encounters for the purposes of sexual intercourse and indecent acts
•  Use of expressions that are sexually suggestive, obscene and violent, and all other similar actions that may cause others excessive discomfort
•  Posting links to child prostitutions/pornography and uncensored video download sites
•  Trading activities, auctions, money transactions and all other similar actions for which permission has not been obtained from the operating company
•  Advertisements of products that have not been approved by the operating company, disclosing the profiles for the purpose of promotion and all other actions undertaken for the purpose of solicitation including spam mails and chain mails
•  Spoofing through the use of other people's names and their organization names (company names), etc.
•  Actions against public order and morals and common currency
•  All other actions that may fall under the items listed above as well as those that are prohibited by the guidelines or other similar rules presented by the operating company
User names, addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank account and other such personal information (information defined in the Personal Information Protection Law under second clause article 1).