1/17 - Live Stream Featuring Utaite Pro "Gero"

gero.jpgHey utaite fans!

FM radio and Nico Live collide to bring you the weekly live stream
show - "Wktk Window" on Saturday each week! And this week's
guest is utaite extraordinaire Gero!

For those in the dark about Gero, he is a fervent utaite with a
powerful set of lungs and low-pitched, albeit somewhat raspy
voice also capable of reaching high octaves. Gero loves to put
pure emotion into his songs, making him a prominent singer
among the myriad of utaite on Niconico.

-See the inside story revealed about the new opening theme for
television Anime "Tokyo Ravens"!
 ・Gero Official Site → http://www.gero2525.jp/
 ・Gero Official Twitter → https://twitter.com/Gero2525

Date & Time: Saturday, January 18 at midnight (JST)
Watch Page:

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