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Greetings fellow Nico'ers,

We will be performing site maintenance on the My List as well as some other
features during the time period listed below:
■Date & Time
Thursday, November 21st  - 10:00am to 12:00pm

■Affected Features

●General Niconico Site Features
 My List, Quicklist (Adding, editing and deleting)

●Niconico Douga
 Posting, replying, and deleting of video reviews
  Deleting and replying to Nico Reports

●Nico Live
 My Listing content with video quote (User broadcast, new global videos, Nsen)
 *Message will indicate item was My Listed, but is not actually My Listed.

●Niconico Seiga and Niconico Seiga E-books (Japanese site only)
 My List page Seiga thumbnails, titles, and links may not display properly.

●Nico Ads (Japanese site only)
 Ad Nico Reports will be delayed until maintenance ends.

That's all!

Greetings Kumi Koda fans!

Celebrate Kumi Koda's birthday with a full day's worth of music videos and live performances on Tuesday, November 12th at 11pm*!

Check out the watch page below for all the details!

Kumi Koda 24-Hour Birthday Bash Special!
(Tuesday, November 12th at 11pm*)

*All times listed are in JST

Check your timeshifted programs from your Nico Live My Page!

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