Introducing the Chokaigi 2 Food Menu!

Are you hankerin' for some wacktastic Nico-eats?

Well, you better be because we've got a smorgasbord of original concoctions fresh out of the Nico kitchen!
Check out these Nico-delicacies going on sale during our Chokaigi 2 from April 27 to 28th!

▶Homo-Omelet (filled with rice)
800 yen
▶ Rice Set *comes with a sticker
700 yen
▶Gachimuchi☆Kongari Corn
700 yen
▶Painful Fried Noodles
700 yen
▶ 7-Color Niconico Shaved Ice
500 yen
▶ Niconico Original Cho Potion
~Crimson Tear of a Fallen Angel~
500 yen
▶ Bad Apple!
500 yen
▶ 3 Shobon Cookies
500 yen


Getting hungry yet? Just in case you need a little more...

See you at the Cho Food Court!