Requesting User Feedback! (Tags)

English Niconico is now 4 months old! Happy 4-month Birthday to us!

We've received lots of great positive feedback since release and have addressed a number of issues; however a very big issue remains to be resolved - what to do about tags.

We "automatically translated" a few of the more popular tags such as Danced_it, Vocaloid, Anime (踊ってみた、ボカロイド、アニメ), giving some users who can't read the Japanese tags to access these videos. This in effect removed some important Japanese tags from users who are used to exclusively using Japanese tags.

And all the while the Niconico English community has yet to create a concrete tag culture unique to the English site.

We are considering a number of options regarding tags and need more feedback from users.

This is where you come in!

Some of our users have asked for Japanese tags to be available on the English version. Others ask us to translate more tags into English.
Another option is to show the Japanese tags along with English tags.

All these ideas and more are currently on the table, but we need more input from YOU!

Send your opinions directly to our Customer Support

Or Let us know on Facebook!

This is a big decision that will greatly affect the future of English Niconico, so put on your thinking caps and let us know what would encourage YOU to use tags more on English Niconico!

We look forward to hearing your nico-pinion!