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Niconico Chokaigi T-shirts Now Available!

Want to sport an awesome Nico Live T-shirt like Onakiani-san here?


We've prepared t-shirts based on (most) of our video categories!
Click here to purchase one of these awesome shirts!

Clicking the link above will take you to a Japanese page, but all you have to do is click the "購入する" (buy) button below the shirt you want and you will be taken to the purchase page.


The purchase page should be in English and it looks like they also accept international orders!

If you have any questions, please contact the seller directly.

Have a great Nico!

Thanks for the Great Feedback!

Last week we pried into our users' minds about what to do with tags on English Niconico and we have decided to take action.

More details and release date to come.

For now, we'd just like to thank everyone who gave us feedback. After all, Niconico wouldn't be great if it weren't for its commendable user community!

In the meantime, be sure to join in on the fun on our Facebook Page!


Nico Live Zap List and Rankings Update!

We're happy to introduce 2 updates to our Nico Live player!

The first is our new Zap List.

You might have noticed it below your live player. It works similarly to a playlist, but its unique point is that you can see how many people are currently watching each program and browse between types of broadcasts much easier!

The New Zap List!
Click the X to close it and it won't show up again.

Another neat thing about the Zap List is you can click the arrows to change program types. Browse via Popular programs, your Favorites, and Rankings!

Ranking Update
Click the double arrow on the Nico Live Ranking Page

Putting "Official & Channel Programs" on the left side will allow you to sort programs via the drop down list. Choices include: Politics & Discussion, Music, Movies & Sitcoms, Anime, and Sports.

This feature has been added to the Live Broadcasts, Reservations, and Past Rankings tabs. This feature makes it easy for users to check out what's hot now and what you might have missed.

That's all for now!


The entries have been made. They've been uploaded. The lists are ready.

Now it's up to YOU to vote for your favorite MMD's!

Voting is based on the number of My Lists, so if you see a video you like, add it to one of your My Lists to boost its ranking! Voting started on February 15th and will be open until March 4th 9:00 PM Japan time.

And in case you were wondering, you can vote for as many videos as you want!

First half of the 10th MMD Cup Finals

Second half of the 10th MMD Cup Finals

Watch the 9th MMD Cup Winner!

Watch the 8th MMD Cup Winner!

Happy 10th MMD CUP!


Greetings Nico'ers!

We're terribly sorry to say that due to an update in PayPal's system, our Nico-users will be unable to purchase content via PayPal for a few measly minutes during the timeslot indicated below. We know all of you will no doubt desperately try to buy content during this time, but please bear with us. ^_~

-Affected Time-
Friday, Feb 22 4:10 - 4:20PM

We know this is a huge inconvenience, but watch that awesome otoMAD you found the other day one more time and PayPal should be up and running in no time!

Have a great Nico!

Greetings Nico'ers!

We'll be performing routine system maintenance on Thursday, February 21st from 6:00 PM Japan Time. Users will be unable to upload videos during this time.

It shouldn't last more than an hour, so in the meantime, check some videos or live broadcasts, grab a nico-snack, and rest easy knowing we'll be back shortly!

And as always, thanks for Nico'ing!

Requesting User Feedback! (Tags)

English Niconico is now 4 months old! Happy 4-month Birthday to us!

We've received lots of great positive feedback since release and have addressed a number of issues; however a very big issue remains to be resolved - what to do about tags.

We "automatically translated" a few of the more popular tags such as Danced_it, Vocaloid, Anime (踊ってみた、ボカロイド、アニメ), giving some users who can't read the Japanese tags to access these videos. This in effect removed some important Japanese tags from users who are used to exclusively using Japanese tags.

And all the while the Niconico English community has yet to create a concrete tag culture unique to the English site.

We are considering a number of options regarding tags and need more feedback from users.

This is where you come in!

Some of our users have asked for Japanese tags to be available on the English version. Others ask us to translate more tags into English.
Another option is to show the Japanese tags along with English tags.

All these ideas and more are currently on the table, but we need more input from YOU!

Send your opinions directly to our Customer Support

Or Let us know on Facebook!

This is a big decision that will greatly affect the future of English Niconico, so put on your thinking caps and let us know what would encourage YOU to use tags more on English Niconico!

We look forward to hearing your nico-pinion!


We have received many inquiries about videos hitting a black screen and not playing. The culprit has been discovered and I'm happy to share our findings with you!

AdBlock (and AdBlock Plus) released an update that now defines the scrolling "marquee" text at the top of some videos as an ad and they are blocked by default. This stops our player from continuing video playback.

You can fix this problem and continue to watch videos on Niconico by doing ONE of the following:

1) Disable AdBlock completely

2) Go to the Niconico homepage, http://www.nicovideo.jp/, click the AdBlock (or AdBlock Plus) icon in your browser, and click "Don't run on pages on this domain."

3) Use the English Version of Niconico! The scrolling text only appears on the Japanese side, so feel free to use the ad free English version if you don't want to change your AdBlock software.

Do you know about the User Recommended Videos featured on the top page of Niconico?

These are videos chosen by our Users! You're free to recommend your favorite videos, stuff your friends made, or even promote gems from your personal collection!

How do I recommend videos, you say?

There are 2 ways:

Method #1 - Click on Recommend Video in the TV-chan menu.

Have you seen this button? It's above the comment panel on the video page

Clicking on the TV-chan button will bring up the following menu

Click on Recommend Video and you will be directed to the Recommend Video page.

Your Video ID will be input automatically. Just add a short Comment about the video and/or why you are recommending it and if you're lucky, your video will make it in our User Recommended Videos!

Method #2 - Let us know on Facebook

We also encourage users to suggest videos on our official Facebook page here:

We typically ask for recommendations in the middle of the week. Look for this post and follow the directions!

And that's all! Now go find awesome videos and recommend them so they can get more exposure on our top page!


30 minutes of PayPal Maintenance on 2/8

Greetings Nico'ers!

PayPal will experience a short, 30 minute maintenance period on Friday, February 8th from 3:50 - 4:20 PM Japan time.

Users will not be able to purchase Premium Service during this time, so if you decide to make a purchase and get hit with a maintenance screen, chill out, watch a few videos, and the system will be up and running again shortly!

Thanks for Nico'ing!
BTW, we're on Facebook!

This is the second of a series of Nico Blog posts about commenting on English Niconico. The second topic we'd like to address is how to comment on videos. I'll also throw in examples and give you some commenting tricks!

Now that we've gotten the "why comment" out of the way, allow me to show you how to tweak your comments and give a few guidelines on how to write unique comments! First, let's talk about how to change your comment settings.

Click the comment settings on the left side of the comment bar

The following menu will display
Row 1 = Text Size
Row 2 = Text Location
Row 3/4 = Text Color

Now lets look at some comments in action.
Here we see a comment flowing across the screen from right to left on our default, "white naka" setting.


Other than our default "flowing" comments, users can also create static comments that will stay in place on the screen. You can add your static comments to the Top or Bottom (ue/shita).

Comments posted on the top really jump out, so be sure to say something awesome!

Here is a Top/Big/Red comment

Our Bottom (shita) setting is where most users expect to see subtitles and are usually reserved for subbers. 

While we're on the topic of subtitles, also note that the Small size is most often used for subtitles.

We recommend that you pause the video when you add subtitles, enter the subtitle the same way you enter comments, and continue the video playback. 
Final note on non-moving comments - the more you write, the smaller the comment will get. So if you really want to stick out, keep your comments short and sweet!

Last up is a neat trick we haven't seen much of on the English version yet: adding line breaks, like this!

The secret keyword is Control+ period (.) 

Hold control and press the period key to add a line break.
When you press (Ctrl + .) your comment bar will appear blank, but you have really just added another line!

And there you have it, a brief introduction to commenting on Niconico!

Look forward to our next posts!


Introducing our New Vocaloid Page!

Find the latest Vocaloid hits and all the classics at our new Vocaloid x Niconico -ボカニコー (VocaNico) Page!

Detailed Vocaloid Rankings

Vocaloid rankings have been expanded into hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly time frames. You can even check the rankings of Sang_it, Danced_it, and Played_it videos that incorporate Vocaloid music! 

New Videos

New Vocaloid videos will now be introduced based on genre and Vocaloid character!

This page has been redesigned to help someone discover the world of Vocaloid for the first time as well as give detailed information to seasoned fans. Use our new Vocaloid x Niconico -ボカニコー(VocaNico) page to enjoy your favorite music, and discover new videos!

What are you waiting for? Check it out!


Click the picture above to see our updated page!
Or you can click "Vocaloid" anytime in the Services panel on the left side of the top page.


Now go forth and VocaNico!

English Niconico