Commenting on Niconico #1. Why Comment?

This is the first of a series of Nico Blog posts about commenting on English Niconico. The first topic we'd like to address is "Why comment on videos?"

First off, a little background: One of the most common questions we get about our service is, "What makes Niconico different from all the other video sites?"

Our answer, in a word, is this:


Placing comments directly on videos allows users to not only interact with the video itself but also with other users. In the 6 years of Niconico, users have found some very creative ways to comment on videos. And in the 3 months since the release of English Niconico, we've already seen some videos with fantastic comments!

The next question we usually get is, "Well, sometimes I just want to watch the video instead of comment. How do I do that?"

Our Qwatch player makes this easy! press the "dialog" option, button #8 below, to hide comments.


Find out more about our video help player

If the conversation has gone this far, the next thing the user normally asks is, "Is commenting over the video really that fun?"

We think so! Seeing everybody's reaction to a video we can all watch and share experiences together thus giving s a richer experience than "Open the video, watch the video, close the video." 

Here are some examples:


This is from the extremely popular video "Mikumiku ni shiteageru". After we posted this picture on Facebook, some users told the world that they saw our picture ON Facebook! 

Next is an example of a reaction to the video itself:


Someone thought to superimpose the supernova via comments! Awesome! 

These are just a few examples of why we think commenting on Niconico can be fun, but the English site is still new and we need YOU to comment while you watch videos! So much of Niconico's culture is user based, so don't hold back, comment anything and everything you think, feel, and hate and love about videos!

Have you found any great comments? Did you write an awesome one yourself?

Let us know at on Facebook!

Happy Nico-ing!

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