November 2012 Archives

We have added support for tags in multiple languages to show up in your video recommendations! This function previously only worked with Japanese tags, but now you will be given video recommendations based on the tags of the videos you have viewed (regardless of the language of the tags!) You can see your recommended videos by clicking Videos on the top Nico-bar. (or by accessing []( This will show you 4 recommended videos. Click "See more recommended videos" to see more (or go here: []( Remember, you can add and remove tags from videos as you please! Add tags that you feel are appropriate to the video and videos with similar tags could show up in your recommended videos list. Tag searches will also become more accurate as more English tags are added to videos. And if you see something out of place, get it out of there! Click "Edit" in the grey tags box, and then the red X to delete inappropriate tags. Finally, please note that you need to be logged in to see your recommended videos. That's all for now. Have a great Nico! Niconico Customer Support

Attention users!

We previously announced that our beta service,, will be open until the "middle of November". That date has been set to the 19th. 

Starting on November 19th, users who access will be redirected to or full version of Niconico over at

I'm sure lots of you have already checked out our full English version, but if not, fear not - you will still be able to use your account at
**PS Vita users will not be affected by this update.

Look forward to even more functionality on the English version!

Have a great Nico!

Niconico Customer Support